The climate negotiations in Paris this December will fail yet again. They will always fail because the key players – governments and business – prioritise profit and power over the rights and needs of people and planet. At the same time the Big 6 energy companies are ensuring our energy prices are kept high pushing thousands of people into fuel poverty.

A predictable weak deal in Paris will allow governments and corporations to sit back and fail to act. We must not! 21 years of climate negotiations have resulted in more of the same – high energy bills, corporate control and inaction – meanwhile our environment has suffered. 2016 must be a year of people led solutions and action to tackle environmental injustice. The beginning of something new.

We might not have billions of pounds to buy politicians and influence the media but we do have a lot of people who want to and will make change. The Climate Challenge is about taking action together. We can create a mass movement for change which shows business and governments that if they won’t act on climate change, we will.

Here’s how it works. You and your local group sign up to be a team in the challenge. Your team will be sent a mission target in their area (you can also choose your own if you wish), then you decide what type of action and when you will take it. Once you have completed your mission you will be sent your next target. Climate Challenge will offer trainings and a platform for sharing and celebrating the actions that we take.

Imagine multiple teams taking multiple actions in one year.
There will be fun, games and points but it’s about collaboration not competition.

Let’s make 2016 a creative and inspiring year of action for climate justice.